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The Silver Dj's are dedicated to make you smile laugh, even giggle at songs that are being played if you think you have heard every thing most of time we have found you haven't there is always something hidden in the world of music. Especially in a silver Lining. Which can be found here for your listening pleasure stay tuned to the love of music.

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Silver Dj's dedicated to serving the love of music to your ears. It does not get any better then this. Unless you are the music itself. et me take you there lets ride the Silver lining and find or Pot of gold in the love and dedication of what we seek. I am DJ Silver and I love music the sound the way it makes me move how it can make me sleep or rock me out. I love that Silver lining I hope you do too Lets Rock Out and Rock ON.....

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Silver Djs With Dj Silver

Rocking the Silver lining cannot get any better then this unless you have found your Pot of gold

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